Our Counselling Portfolio

Rich Legacy Of 8 Glorious Years

The system of education and training in countries is all about learning the skills through practice with little focus on theory and then to develop a person in different areas of interest and skills such as language, handling a situation, personality development, interpersonal skills etc. Once through all such barriers, what comes out is the most competent and widely sought-after professional who would prove in all areas of his/ her study and training field. Hence, at Meta Education and Career Services, we believe in establishing a deep-rooted and strong trust with students and their families and we have been able to win hearts of many students during the past 8 years of service, whom we helped and who are either studying in reputed colleges around the world or have been bright professionals in their field of study.

Expert Professional Counsellors

We are a team of widely experienced professional counsellors with massive experience in providing overseas admission assistance. We have helped many students in shaping their career. Now, at Meta Education and Career Services, we fully realize the changing corporate dynamics and top companies, in any industry, recruit only those with considerable global exposure and in the best to get qualified from some widely recognized college or university. Hence, our counsellors always harp upon the best of the academic training institutions and prepare the student profiles accordingly for selection.

Best Medical Education Consultants

MBBS in India , consultant is not to mince words, but owing to our towering expertise in handling such overseas admission cases for a period of last 8 years, our counsellors have become proficient enough to create an impressive student profile for quick and hassle-free selection. A good education consultant is friendly, approachable and has great communication skills. They thoroughly understand the student's profile before helping them make the best career choices. They address every question related to the program, institute, study environment, safety, etc., keeping transparency at every step.

Trusted Service in Overseas Education Admission

Overseas admission process is lengthy and a bit complicated and is time-consuming. Applications from students are accepted only for a limited period of time, but for our seasoned academic experts with super knowledge, it has turned out to be such is an easy task to perform. Till date, many students have enrolled through us. Trust our academic guidance skills and we shall carve out new career avenues for you with massive global opportunities

Admission Guidance

We guide students in searching for relevant medical universities or medical college based on their educational qualifications and career aspirations. We help student with application processes and assist them in submitting solid applications, which can secure admission to a college degree. Our essential is to understand what information a student expects from us, based on their preferred career choice and marks gained during prior education we enlighten their path.

Top Ranked Colleges According to Preference and Budget

We as a team work for you to get admission in NEET UG/PG courses according to your score and your budget. With our guidance and your support we provide you 100% confirm seat through counselling in your budget.